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Position: Administration staff (02 persons)

Job description:

1.1 Responsibility to carry out recruitment and human resource management for the company

- Collect and classify the recruitment demand from departments

- Manage human resource in the company

1.2 Responsibility to carry out reception process and form probation program for new staff

- Draft contracts, prepare decisions and complete the dossier for staff

- Collect, classify and monitor staff probation process

1.3 Performance of other work allotted

- Participate in forming work performance process for staff

- Grasp, collect and classify information on the company’s human resource, including: salary adjustment, decisions on commendation and reward, discipline, dismissal, transfer, appointment, etc.

- Summarize and evaluate monthly work efficiency

- Co-ordinate with partners and Company managers to organize and carry out the work assigned

- Assist the CEO to arrange working schedules, appointment and guest reception

- Contact, seek, work and negotiate with partners and customers of the Company when authorized

- Take minutes of business-related meetings presided or authorized by the CEO for implementation and inform departments and institutions of conclusions made by the CEO.

General requirement:
- Female, 25 years of age upward
- Good looking and communication

- Intelligent, clear-headed, creative and friendly
- Fluent English
- At least 1-year working experience in human resource
- Fluent in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
- Skills of communication, lecturing, and organization
- Skills of selecting and shortlisting dossiers and training

- Attractive salary and bonus (candidates can discuss these depending on their actual ability)
- Considered for annual salary increase basing on achievements, contributions and ability
- Social insurance and health insurance policies are in accordance with the law
- Opportunities of learning and improving professional skills, and best development of job and life.

Dossier includes: - CV verified by local authority,
- Copy of degrees and certificates,
- Health certificate,
- Letter of application, 
- 02 4x6 photos (taken within the recent 6 months)
- Household in Hanoi (compulsory)

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