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Oriental Culture Joint Stock Company (Phuong Dong Media) was officially established on 08 May 2005, marking the birth of one of the prestigious media company which is considered the travelling companion ofVietnamese enterprises.

Phuong Dong Media operates in line with the orientation: bringing the internal strength of the Company into full play to improve its competitiveness and maximization of the Company’s advantages, taking full advantage of customer system and the Company reputation to boost the provision of products and services of wide variety and high quality, best meeting customers’ needs and benefitting the Company. In order to well fulfill the above mentioned orientation, Phuong Dong Media is, step by step, perfecting its organizational structure by means of the operation of the Board of Directors and Functional Departmenfts to create unity and efficiency while manages and supervises its staff to make their work go in line with the general orientation and development strategy of the Company.

In 2010, Phuong Dong Media has held its 5th anniversary of establishment, marking the development and new orientations set by the Company. After 5 years of establishment and operation, despite difficulties, especially impacts of the global economic crisis, Phuong Dong Media has gained remarkable achievements. The Company has built and is implementing itsDevelopment strategy to the year 2015 with concrete groups of solutions so as to not only deal with existing challenges but also turn them into opportunities to step up the expansion of the Company size, market development, skill and spirit training, and to provide customers with higher and higher quality products and services.

In order to reach the objectives set, Phuong Dong Media is determined to achieve the following 04 concrete groups of objective in its 2010-2015 development strategy.

(1) Comprehensive development of the Company on the basis of fulfulling the objectives: (i) Allocate resources of the Company, (ii) Createan operation and union model among Company members, (iii) Strengthen and expand products, services and fields of business.

(2) Satisfaction of customers’ needs in terms of products, services and service quality. With the “customer-centered” motto, Phuong Dong Media focuses on fulfilling the following concrete objectives: (i) Improve and develop products and services, (ii) Broaden customer system, (iii) Improve customers’ satisfaction, (iv) Meet customers’ requirements.

(3) Bringing satisfaction to staff. (i) Guarantee a competitive policy concerning salary, reward and treatment, (ii) Build an effective career development program, (iii) Create an attractive culture and working environment, and

(4) Making contribution to the prosperous and civilized development of the society and community by means of concrete objectives the Company shall fulfill in the coming time: (i) Make contribution to the propaganda of the policies promulgated by the Party and State of Vietnam, (ii) Adequately fulfill social duties set for an enterprise, (iii) Participate in the realization of programs and activities for the sake of the community.



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